Mar 262013

313foodiesauce Want to get your hands on a really great hot sauce? I’m kicking off a contest to give away a bottle to a fan. This first contest will be targeted towards twitter. I’ll run a facebook contest next.

How To Enter:

Join twitter and follow @DansRollingBBQ

Simply tweet this message:

I want a bottle of @StreetEatzz 313 Foodie Sauce from @DansRollingBBQ! #DansRollingBBQContest

How To Win:

When I reach 500 Followers on Twitter, I’ll pick a random winner.

Contest Rules:

– 1 twitter name entry per person, duplicates will disqualify you.
– Must be in the United States or Canada
– Tweet limits are once per hour, per person. Anymore may disqualify you.
– Contest ends at 500 Followers, or April 15, 2013.

There it is folks. Tweet often, and keep an eye on the subscriber count.

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